Top Ten Best Customer Service Companies

customer-service-happy-trader-joes  jpg by G. Thorsby

As reported by Zogby’s last week, a survey was taken by customers as to who customers ranked as the top ten best in customer service.  Keep in mind these are national companies.  They are:

  1. Amazon
  2. Marriott
  3. Hilton
  4. UPS
  5. Fedex
  6. Google
  7. State Farm Insurance
  8. Samsung
  9. Trader Joe’s
  10. Lowe’s

This is a somewhat interesting list because when you think of most, you have positive feelings about them.  To me UPS has improved because of competition and delivers to me stuff that I want.  What could make me happier?  While MSN reported some additional statistics ( ), I have some opinions.  As I communicated on Monday, staff knowledge, friendliness, and service after the sale are important.  It can be big things or very small things like a smile.

When one is so delighted by the #customerexperience, customers will pay extra.  At Amazon, many consumers will pay a flat extra shipping fee per year but will get smooth delivery.  At Marriott, you know that no matter what hotel you stay at, you can expect a nice looking room and good service.  At Trader Joe’s, as mentioned in an earlier blog for good customer experience, people leave the store actually smiling after having less selection.  The competitive advantage is not price but that their products are often organic and not in the average grocery store.

Because this survey  is a national study, it involves only national companies.  I find that It is often the smaller companies that really go out of their way for #customerservice because this is their competitive advantage against the larger companies.

My mention for a great customer experience is for a small shop called the Olive Mill in Saugatauck, Michigan.  It is pretty much just Olive Oils and Vinegars.  One might question, how boring?  It is a magical experience to try the different flavors.  I never thought that oil and vinegar could be such a big deal If you want clean, distinct flavors to your pastas and salads, you get it.  What the staff describes as to qualities of each is 100% correct and even though not as low priced as the grocery store,  Now I don’t get olive oil any different way except via the 31/2 hour pilgrimage each way to the town each year.  Here is the thing.  It is the combination of the shopping, purchasing, cooking, and eating experience that leaves that lasting memory.  Check it out if you happen to be on the west side of the state sometime.

What is a good experience for you big company or small?

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